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Braver than Fiction, forged in Sheffield, England are: Mel (vocals), Adam (bass), Jason (keyboards), Paul (drums) and Martin (guitar). The fusion of these five musicians’ diverse industry backgrounds, individual creative influences and musical styles is undoubtedly the fuel that fires the way that this unique collective works on any of their compositions, each according to their singular flair but simultaneously in synch – it is a fascinatingly organic process.

"It's great to play a little bit of Braver than Fiction"
Emily Brinnand ~ Guardian Music Columnist, Monday's Mixtape


Comparisons have been drawn with the grotesque glamour of Tom Waits and the dysfunctional 'family' of Fleetwood Mac's Rumours incarnation but, Braver than Fiction are still evolving. Although ‘alternative rock’ seems to be the closest genre fit, this extraordinary band continues to resist being pressed into any kind of predictable musical mould – for now...

Braver than Fiction have been on hiatus since January 2015 when front-woman Mel was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer but they are scheduled to begin work on some new recordings in September 2015. Meanwhile, the band's live, 4 track EP entitled King of Crows and other examples of Braver than Fiction’s music can be discovered via the links below.

“A sound that is timeless but sits perfectly amongst the best that is around today”
Mad Ferret's Music Blog


As Braver than Fiction are currently taking a break from live shows, they have instead been rehearsing new material and building a fresh set over the past couple of months. The band have not been completely absent from their local music scene and a new video for their live EP's title track, "King of Crows" was released in April 2015, as part of Sheffield's annual 2Weeks2MakeIt event.

Braver than Fiction are now accepting booking enquiries for Autumn/Winter 2015 onwards and would be thrilled to come and entertain at your venue/event!

“Us talking about it really doesn't do it justice...what a band they are!”
Kara Berry & Calum Wilson ~ Twisted Mixtape


Braver than Fiction thoroughly enjoy being social; they love likes, shares and follows and the band can occasionally be found using Periscope as well. The more people that get social with them, the happier they are!

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“She's nuts but her voice is unreal”


Braver than Fiction would be delighted to hear from you and, there are a number of ways you can contact the band directly via social media or email.

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“I think my audience is going to like this soon as I heard it I got it uploaded”
Ryan Oxley ~ Penistone FM, The Indie Show